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📌Our Lawyer Teams practice to legal help for EXPATS. (ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business) 📌

ICO Inter Law Ltd. is a prominent law firm comprised of Thai and Western licensed attorneys based in ChiangMai, Thailand.

First established in 1970, ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business has developed a loyal client following and a solid reputation for providing quality legal services. Our clients consist of private individuals, corporations and government entities throughout the world.

Due to the broad experience and diverse skills and backgrounds of its lawyers and staff, the firm’s members specialize in several areas of civil and criminal law and litigation, as well as business and corporate law issues

Our ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business prides our self on providing workable solutions which take full account of Thai law and practice to legal help for foreigner, as well as its ability to effectively communicate those solutions to both Thai and foreign clients. Our ability to assess the practical enforceability of new structures and ideas is backed by the experience of one of the largest and strongest litigation departments.

ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business has been established by the founder Mr. Kraisorn Tantipong. Who was a former Minister in several government ministries is at present a consultant for the high range politicians in Thailand.

ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business is registered with the Lawyer’s Council of Thailand. Dr.Kiettisak Phantawong is not only a fully accredited and licensed Chiang Mai lawyer he is also a Barrister. A Barrister is the highest level of lawyer certification in Thailand. Only Barristers are qualified to be judges, if they so choose. He has also held a position on the committee of the Lawyer’s Council of Thailand Region 5. As well as  Dr.Kiettisak being the President of the Legal Business Department of Chiang Mai Chamber too.

Although ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business is well known for our expertise in international law and multijurisdictional litigation issues, we also have a robust domestic law practice focusing on Thailand law and family matters. 

Recognized as experts in their individual areas of expertise our firm’s members have been appointed by foreign Courts as experts, taught at law schools and provided training programs for other lawyers.

Our office is located in the central business area of Payap university in chiangmai, Thailand, attorneys work in Thailand and throughout the provinces of Thailand.