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Probate Chiangmai lawyer

Thailand (Chiangmai)  Probate and Inheritance Proceedings
Inheritance Law Thailand (Chiangmai) —Background
As a practical matter, the distribution of a deceased person’s estate assets that are held by a third party will require a court order to enforce under Thailand (Chiangmai) probate law.  In this situation, bank accounts and land title deeds will require filing in a Thailand (Chiangmai)  court by an experienced probate attorney so that heirs may receive the assets, land and bank account funds of a descendant’s estate.

Foreign Wills and Foreign Court Judgments
Foreign court judgments are not enforceable in Thailand (Chiangmai) .  A foreign judgment can, however, be introduced as evidence in Thailand (Chiangmai)  court proceedings.  Foreign last wills and testaments may or may not be enforceable, based on whether they conform to Thai inheritance law and other matters such as the procedural status of the case. 

If a Relative Dies in Thailand (Chiangmai)  –Probate Court Proceedings
If a relative dies with assets in Thailand (Chiangmai) , and the relative is a non-Thai citizen, the Thai authorities will usually contact the Embassy of their home country in Thailand (Chiangmai) .  The Embassy will typically have preliminary documents such as the death certificate.  As this point, a qualified probate chiangmai lawyer  will need to be involved to determine if there are assets to be distributed, other heirs involved and begin the Thai probate court proceedings as required.

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