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Surrogacy Lawyer

Thailand Surrogacy and IVF
Surrogacy births provide an alternative method for having children. A couple may choose a surrogate to give birth to their child for a number of reasons. Although medical technology has made great advances in the field of IVF pregnancies and surrogate births, the development of the law in these areas has unfortunately lagged behind.  The practice of surrogacy can pose complicated legal issues, particularly when the surrogate mother is in a country other than where the intending parents hold citizenship.

The surrogacy process in Thailand (Chiangmai) has been curtailed to a great degree by the passage of the Thailand (Chiangmai) Surrogacy Act. As a result, commercial surrogacy services have moved on to different countries other than Thailand (Chiangmai).

Although commercial surrogacy has been halted in Thailand (Chiangmai), surrogacy is still possible for married couples and under certain circumstances, permission from the Department of Social Services is required.

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