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Debt Collection Lawyers 

Debt Recovery in Thailand
We are often contacted for assistance in collecting debts based on international and local disputes. Under Thai law, the Courts in Thailand (Chiangmai) provide for a variety of actions to be brought against parties if they default on a payment including the right to seize the offending party’s assets to be auctioned off.
Interest and other costs can also be recovered through Thailand (Chiangmai) court procedures.

Prior to entering into court action, an attorney in Thailand (Chiangmai) may send a notice, or letter of demand, to the Debtor and request the payment with a certain time frame. If the debtor responds favorably and an agreement can be reached, this may bypass the need for court action.

If the debtor fails to cooperate with the demand notice, our attorneys can file a claim with the Court and prosecute your claims. Our aggressive trial attorneys are skilled at asserting clients’ rights and obtaining monetary recoveries from debtors.

We also assist persons unlawfully accused of being debtors in protecting their assets and restoring their reputations.  Each party will need to provide proof and present evidence to the Court with respect to their case. The court will issue a judgment after considering all evidence presented by both parties. After the judgment has been made, there will also be opportunity to file an Appeal with the Thailand (Chiangmai) Appeals Court.

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