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Accident Lawyers 

Accident Lawyers
If a serious accident occurs while in Thailand (Chiangmai), whether it happens to you or to a loved one, one of the first things you should consider doing after seeking appropriate medical care is to consult with an accident lawyer to protect your rights. An attorney will normally advise that reports should be made with doctors and hospitals and local police. Names of witness and contact information should also be obtained.

Accidents occur to tourists and residents in Thailand (Chiangmai)   under a variety of circumstances. Tourists and travelers are often at a greater risk for suffering accidents than residents due to their non-familiarity with a location and due to their increased activity.

Our attorneys frequently assist accident victims in Thailand (Chiangmai)   to enforce their rights and collect damages against the responsible party. This will usually involve a civil and/or criminal complaint filed with the Thai Court or the police.

Accidents occur in a variety of places: in automobiles, motorcycles, boats and tour buses, as well as in hotels, swimming pools and entertainment areas.

If you are involved in an accident, it is important to document the names of the parties responsible and of any witnesses. The more evidence that can be documented or saved, the better your chance for recovery. Medical reports and police reports are also important components of an effective legal case.

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