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Missing Persons 

Missing Persons
When a relative or friend can not be reached or located and their location is unknown for a protracted period of time, it can be a very alarming situation. People go missing for a variety of reasons, and in many cases they soon return or re-establish contact with their loved ones.

However, in the cases where the individual does not return and can not be found, there are options available to you to seek professional help.

Our investigators can help locate missing persons, runaways, missing family members and abducted children. Our investigators have close associations with Thai police and have special equipment and resources to locate missing persons. Frequently our investigators will check records to re-trace steps and actions of a missing person. Often this will involve interviewing persons who may have come into contact with the missing person.

There are a number of possible outcomes to a missing person case. Often a missing person gets caught up in the moment, meets a new friend and is never “lost” at all.

In other cases there are more nefarious circumstances. While we hope for the best, investigation of missing persons is a serious occupation and requires patience, training, analytic and human relationship skills.

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