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Wrongful Death Lawyer 

Wrongful Death Cases
Wrongful death is a legal case where our lawyers file a court to and recover money awards from persons who have caused the death of a family member. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed on behalf the family of an individual who died in result of another person or party’s actions or negligence.

Although it is every family member or loved one’s hope that they will never be faced with this type of painful situation, if it a death does occur and wrongful actions were involved, a lawsuit should be filed to seek justice and payment for the death and the its consequences on the lives of the family survivors.

Some examples of causes of wrongful death lawsuits include defective drugs, a defect in a product, medical malpractice, car and bus accidents, exposure to toxins and assaults.

At ICO Inter Law chiangmai legal and business, our lawyers have years of experience with wrongful death claims in Thailand (Chiangmai) and assisting the families of those that died. Our attorneys are skilled in achieving the maximum compensation for our clients in wrongful death lawsuits in the form of financial support, medical and hospital expenses, emotional pain, loss of wages and the pain and suffering of the loved one prior to death.

If you believe a loved one has been the victim of wrongful death in Thailand (Chiangmai), it is important to contact a Thai wrongful death lawyer as soon as you can so he or she may begin to gather evidence as soon as possible.

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