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Thailand Personal Injury Lawyers
1) I have been injured in Thailand. How can I receive compensation for my injury?
Personal injury cases, in which victims seek to receive compensation for damages suffered, may be filed in Thailand courts. Professional legal assistance is required to evaluate cases and to file and prosecute cases in the court system.

2) Is my personal injury claim a civil or criminal case?
Normally a case to recover damages for injuries or breach of contract is a civil case. However, suing an individual, juristic person or government agency may be a civil or criminal case or both depending on the circumstances.

3) What is the statute of limitations (prescription period or time limit) on a personal injury case?
The statute of limitations (prescription period) for many personal injury claims is one year. However, prescription periods may vary based on a number of factors. It is important to contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you file your claim before it expires.

4) Do I need to be present in Thailand to file a personal injury claim in the Thailand courts?
In order to file a claim you do not need to be present as you can generally sign a Power of Attorney to have a chiangmai lawyer file on your behalf.  However it is generally necessary that the plaintiff (injured party) appear in court in Thailand on at least one occasion to give testimony.

5) What does the Thailand court generally award compensation for?
Thailand courts generally award compensation for tangible and intangible damages. Compensation for damages is generally awarded in the amount in which the court perceives is identical to the actual damages as well as for certain intangible factors such as pain and suffering or disfigurement. In many common law jurisdictions, compensation for various intangible damages, such as suffering and emotional distress, can often reach astronomical levels. In Thailand, awards for intangible damages for a personal injury case may be more restrained.

6) When should I contact a lawyer?
It is usually important to contact a chiangmai lawyer as soon as possible.  Evidence must be collected as soon as possible, including physical evidence and witness testimony, which may deteriorate over time.  Also, cases must be filed within the statute of limitation.

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